Business Formation & Incorporation

Limiting Owner Exposure & Reducing Taxes…

The IRS allows corporations a series of tax benefits and related advantages that are not available to sole proprietorships, partnership arrangements and other forms of small business. Incorporating a new or developing business is a relatively straight-forward procedure, however, if not chosen wisely can carry long-term consequences for the entrepreneur.

New Businesses:

If you are a budding entrepreneur, Lisa Aldrich, CPA can guide you through the business entity selection process. She’ll assist in determining the best corporate structure to help limit business ownership liability while providing the best possible tax advantages for your new venture. She can also professionally prepare pro-forma financial statements to help support your business plan, secure lender funding and attract potential investors.

Existing Businesses:

Most small business owners never take the time to rethink their corporation’s structure. Lisa welcomes the opportunity to be your fresh set of eyes and ears in pursuit of cost improvements for your existing business. She’ll revisit your initial corporate entity decision in light of current organizational activities and future opportunities that may reveal unrealized structure options that further limit liability and/or reduce taxes.